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Denise Nobile M.Ed, E-RYT, RCYT, YACEP

Denise Nobile is an educator and presenter in the field of youth mindfulness and yoga. Denise is the founder of Youth Nation Yoga, a certified Mindful Schools instructor, and an educator at Somers Middle School in Westchester, N.Y. As a classroom teacher at both the elementary and middle school, she's come to discover how stressed our children are. With the demands of school, extracurricular activities, obligations to friends and family, and technology use, now more than ever, it's important for children to slow down, pause, and take a breath. In her work, Denise brings a movement and mindfulness practice to as many children as possible, providing them with the tools to navigate life's challenges with greater ease.

Denise holds a master's in elementary education, specializing in special education, and is a registered yoga teacher (E - RYT). She is registered to teach yoga to children (RCYT) and studied extensively with Mindful Schools, receiving a 300-hour certification to teach mindfulness to youth. Denise teaches mindfulness and yoga to children in private sessions, classrooms, libraries, yoga studios, and after-school programs. She teaches school-based educators, parents, and clinicians on how to cultivate a mindfulness practice and teach the youth in their lives how to be their best selves.

Denise is also certified to teach Yin Yoga and trained with Liberation Prison Yoga, where she teaches trauma-conscious yoga and mindfulness classes to the women at the Taconic Correctional Facility.


Why kids and families love yoga

"I absolutely love yoga! It is calming and peaceful. After going to class, I take my mindfulness home with me and teach my mom! Mindfulness is a great thing to do if you are depressed, stressed or just need to relax. Yoga and mindfulness have helped me focus on my homework, and when I get angry, I take a few breaths, which helps me express my feelings calmly. I am so grateful for it!"
~ Lisa R. age 12

"When I do yoga and mindfulness with Mrs. Nobile, I feel calm and relaxed. When I come to class, I may seem okay, but I'm stressed out. After mindfulness, I feel stress-free! Thanks to Mrs. Nobile, I could practice yoga and mindfulness anywhere?"
~ Guliana C. age 11

"Yoga and mindfulness changed my life. I have so many activities and so much homework which led me to be super stressed. Now I still have so much to do, but I'm less stressed because of mindful breathing and listening techniques."
~ Gabriella P. age 11

"When I do yoga, I feel calm, relaxed and stress-free. Sometimes
when I come to Mrs. Nobile's class, I am worrying about things,
but then yoga puts me in the present moment. Yoga has helped
me to be a better person. I feel that I have a purpose in the yoga world!"
~ Robbie C. age 11

"Yoga is both relaxing and energizing for me. It helps me when
I'm stressed out. It helps me relax when I need to. Yoga just helps me feel better!"
~ Hartin B. age 12

"Yoga & Mindfulness is calming and is helpful when you're having a rough day. Mrs. Nobile does all different poses of yoga and fun activities. It helps me feel relaxed after I do it. I highly recommend going to “Youth Nation Yoga” for all your yoga and mindfulness needs!"
~ Jadon S. age 11

"Mindfulness is now a huge part of my life. When I go to bed, I just take three deep breaths which really helps me relax so I can fall asleep. Even my mom enjoys yoga & mindfulness. It's all around me at school & home. I really enjoy doing it."
~ Mallory S. age 11

"My daughter and I had a great experience with Denise and Family Yoga this weekend. The class was fun, informative and perfectly geared to little yogis! (We've already used some of the positions and meditations since leaving the class yesterday.) I would highly recommend Denise and her teachings for kids!"
~Andrea H.

"My 4 year old and I did family yoga and it was so meaningful to us. Natalie learned some strategies to help her focus and calm down. We learned some partner poses that we can do together. Denise as the instructor, was so flexible as the class went on, changing positions, music and directions based on the age and interests of the class. It was special to me to be able to share something with my daughter that means so much to me. Looking forward to more classes and to when my youngest daughter is old enough to join us."

~Jenna S.

"Denise is an amazing teacher. She is the embodiment of goodness & kindness. Her enthusiasm, energy and passion for yoga radiates to all those around her. She is a rare gem and I am so thankful to have found her."

~Karin F.

"The skills that my children have learned by practicing Yoga and Mindfulness with Denise have made a profound impact on their lives and the well-being of our family. One child was never a good sleeper and at age 10 has gone from using melatonin every night to being able to practice mindful breathing and get herself to sleep quickly 6-7 nights of the week. Another child has learned to control anxiety and remain calm and in control even in the face of a traumatic situation. I feel so fortunate that Denise shares these amazing skills with our children and I know my kids agree. Being well-rested and having control of one's mind are so important for success at school and every day life."

~Virginia S.

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